• Fast & Easy to Leave
    Calendar View
    Easy to use, just Drag & Drop your leave onto the Calendar
  • Overview Summary
    Dashboard Chart
    Overall Report Summary on Dashboard
  • Customize the criteria
    Leave Criteria
    Customize the leave criteria for your organization
  • Adjustable Holidays
    Holiday Calendar
    Supported national holidays and additional holidays

Leave Online System

The Leave Tool system which is super easy to use and supports all major leave types. Seamlessly connect to the Time Attendance System for the complete working report. Supported desktop computer, notebook, tablet and mobile phones. Designed for companies, schools, universities, state enterprises and the government organizations (comply with the leave criteria regulated by the Thailand's Prime Office Regulation, year 2555 B.E.)

Key Features

User and Division

Manageble users and divisions

Roles and Permissions

Configurable user roles and permissions

Leave Approval

Supported up to 2 levels of approval process

Leave Criteria

Configurable leave criteria for each leave type

2 Languages

Fully support both Thai and English

Adjustable Holidays

Add/Edit/Delete holidays for your organization

Calendar View

Super easy to use on the calendar view

Leave Types

Supported all standard leave types

Work Outside

Supported working outside/on-duty leave process

Leave Without Pay

Fully support a Leave Without Pay

Email Notification

Notify every leave process via the email

Leave Reports

Web based report and PDF/MS Excel report

Daily Backup

Backup system to make sure your data will be safe

Security System

Encrypted data to securely protect your information

Work from Home

Fully support a Work from Home

Leave Work Flow

The work flow allows the customer to setup the approvers for each person.

The work flow consists of the leave work flow, the cancel work flow, and the approval work flow. Customers can easily modify these flows according to their need. The parts which can be configured includes the first-level approvers (eg. The department managers) and the final approvers (eg. HR, the management, the company owner). Those approvers including the person submitting the leave will be notified by email when the leave has been approved or disapproved.

Calendar View

Easily submit the leave. All you need to do is drag & drop the leave onto the calendar.

Working on the leave calendar helps the customers to easily plan and submit their leaves. Just drag & drop the leave onto the calendar and click the submit button, your leave will be sent to your bosses for approval. In addition, all people working in the same department can see each other leaves data. This greatly helps the management and the workers plan their leave very effectively.

Configurable Leave Criteria

Configurable leave criteria for each leave type.

Customers can easily configure leave criteria for each leave type. For instance, which leave type includes days off, or which leave type requires the person to submit before hand, or a maximum number of allowed days for each leave type. Some leave types may have the additional criteria. For example, Vacation Leave and Compensate Leave may have a carry-over quota and the expiration dates.


Customer can edit the holidays according to their needs.

The Leave Tool System supports 3 types of holidays, which are (1) national holidays (2) extra holidays (which may be announced later by the government) and (3) weekend holidays. Customer can set the different holidays for different divisions. For example, the head office might have the Saturdays and Sundays for weekend holidays, while all shops may have only Mondays for weekend holidays.

Work with the Time Attendance System

Connecting to the Time Attendance System will make the working report complete.

The Leave Tool system can seamlessly connect to the Time Attendance System. It can support various kind of Time Attendance System, especially the biometric scanner. The time attendance data will be automatically fetched and process by the Leave Tool System. This can greatly help the HR to quickly view the daily and monthly working report.

Supported Leave Types (for corporate)

  • Vacation Leave
  • Compensate Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Personal Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Military Leave
  • Ordination Leave
  • Hajj Leave
  • Leave for Training
  • Leave for Marrying
  • Leave for Sterilization
  • Unpaid Leave
  • Other Leave

* Note: The unused leave types can be disabled.

Supported Leave Types (for government)

  • Vacation Leave
  • Personal Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Maternity Leave
  • Paternity Leave
  • Monkhood Leave
  • Hajj Leave
  • Leave for Training or Seminar
  • Leave for Military Service
  • On-Duty Leave
  • Leave for Working Abroad
  • Leave for Spouse Accompanying
  • Leave for Education
  • Other leaves

* Note: Comply with the leave form defined by the government.

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